About Steve Tomasko

Steve on one of his better days.

Damn, the caretaker of this website says I have to write a sort of bio thingy. I have a hard time writing bio doohickies. Thingamajigs. Whathaveyous. To be honest, I like writing serious bios like this, but the webmaster is cracking his whip and telling me to not take myself too seriously. Or should that be "not to take"? Or should it be to "take myself, seriously." (see below for comments on commas and editing...or err, maybe not).

Sigh. What's a guy to do? 

I love having written something. I have a serious problem getting myself to write. This gets to be an issue getting from point A (actually writing) to point B (having written). I wish there was a transporter device like on Star Trek that would just take me right to B. But enough writer's angst. 

I'm a fair editor. Indeed, I've edited many fairs, usually small local ones. No, but seriously (damn, there's that word again), Jeanie always says I'm the comma king. Yes, I know, where, to put commas and where not ,, to put them. But someti,mes they just e,n,d up where they want'''

Yeesh! this is bad. I'll try to rewrite this sometime. If I can get myself to write. If. (I like the word, if). If if if if. Like little soldier possibilities marching along. If if if if if 


If you’d like to read my spiel about editing and design services, go to the Bent Paddle Press and Design page.


  • and no spiders were harmed, won first place in the 2015 Wisconsin Fellowship of Poetry Chapbook contest.

  •  2017 Norbert Blei Poetry Award, administered by Write On, Door County.

  • 2018 Hal Prize, administered by the Peninsula Pulse.